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 A woman laughs, and you realize you’ve been day-dreaming; Transported to that week you spent in Italy. The soft warm lights and smell of bread baking surround you, and you notice something.

That mural on the wall … well, it looks just like that little café that you visited every morning. Oh, their coffee was so good. And the bread! You can almost taste it. Suddenly it hits you – you are very hungry.

Come to think of it, it kind of smells like that café in here too. Wonder if their coffee is just as delicious? Hope this line hurries up!  


All from a simple wall mural.

Well-designed print can take us on a journey to memories. In an instant we can be back in the summer days of childhood, dancing in the streets after our first date, or even back to a little coffee shop in Italy.

Transport your customers every day with a custom wall mural. Whether you want a simple pattern or a detailed replica of your favorite countryside meadow, these durable graphics can transform your business, office or home environment into a place all its own.

And it really can be that simple. You can send us art or just an idea, and we’ll take care of you from start to finish. We’ll even install your mural for you – and we offer a removable adhesive system if you like to change things up every once in a while.

Your options are limitless: Lobbies and entryways, walls in your home, the break-room or workspace in an office, even your kitchen can be customized with a high-resolution, full-color wall graphic designed to suit your style and enhance your brand.

Washington Graphics uses FSC-certified materials that are high-performance, easy to maintain (just wash with a mild detergent), and environmentally friendly.

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