We love Screen-Printing.

There is something about creating the screens, mixing the ink, and managing the press that brings large format printing back to an art.

At Washington Graphics, we work hard to create a perfect color match to your proofs, mixing and remixing the inks until we obtain that gorgeous color you provided. We prepare the screens with great care, and all of our presses are staffed by professionals with experience in color, screen-printing, and quality management.

flower screenprint

Screen-Printing on Acrylic


Whether you’re looking for campaign and political signs, banners, transit advertising, volleyball tapes, or prints on more unique materials like acrylic or wood, Screen-printing is a great option.

We’ve been screen-printing in large format since 1976 (when screen-printing was done by hand!) but even now, a lot of the screen process has stayed the same  – hand-mixed inks by color experts to match PMS and CMYK color profiling, hand-shot screens built, maintained and created by our in-house expert, and attention to detail even as the long-stroke machines handle the bulk of the manual labor.

We have two of these long-stroke machines on the shop floor, with the ability to print up to 48″x144″ – making your big dreams even BIGGER.



Screen-Printing on Wood


We’d love to show you what we can do, and you’re welcome to drop by for a tour any weekday between 7:30 and 4:30. You can find directions here.

Ready to see our presses in action? And of course, there are more videos over on our YouTube channel.


Let’s create your big dream today on one of our screen presses – just request a quote to get started, or give us a call at 844-WGPRINT.



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