Inspire a Culture of Giving.

The #PrintGivesBack initiative launched in November 2013, and is built from our last core value and the BeBig part of our tagline. To us, PrintGivesBack means using the resources we have and using them to benefit our local community and the print community at the same time.

We live out this value in our local community through outreach in financial donations and in-kind commitments of our time and resources to local businesses, charities, and causes. Our efforts include commitments to Hopelink Redmond, The Forgotten Children’s Fund, and Timberlake’s Building Hope. We are mindful of keeping #PGB present in our marketing campaigns and efforts as well as initiating a blog series called Marketing Mind that features local small and mid-size businesses.

We have extended #PGB into the print community through relationships with other printers and vendors; Volunteering our time and knowledge to students, and encouraging others in the print community to join the Initiative. We are active in the social media aspect of our industry, participate in interviews and welcome a transparent look into our business and culture. We are launching a blog series just for printers in the near future and we have used our DreamBigPrintBig clothing line to touch printers from all over the world.

Our #PrintGivesBack Chosen Charities:

For more information on what the #PrintGivesBack movement is all about, please email us, or search the hashtag on Twitter to follow along.

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