Ceiling Panels 3


Over the last few months we’ve been doing some interior re-decorating. We started with the wall mural in our main lobby, and then moved to our conference room – which we updated with a fresh coat of paint, and custom designed, in-house printed Ceiling panels.




These fiberglass panels were images using the Oce Arizona flatbed. We had to modify a few things so that the fiberglass wasn’t sucked through the vacuum air-vents, but it was a fun learning process. One of the things we absolutely love about our Oce is the capability to print white – it helps give depth to a lot of projects (like the clouds you see here!).


Ceiling Panel 1

Ceiling Panels 2



We also imaged on one of the fluorescent light panel covers – the way the light shines through the sky gives a really peaceful and calming effect.  This was also imaged on our Oce Arizona flatbed.


Printed Light Panel



Next on our list we’ll be customizing our break room with a dimensional print design integrating our Core Values, and then we’re off to the shop floor – TheCORE will also be getting a few updates in it’s visuals. We look forward to sharing those in the coming months!



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