A-Board Signs | Sandwich Boards

A-board signs are the perfect way to inexpensively and effectively advertise for a business, event, restaurant, or exhibition. Sidewalk advertising ensures the customers can locate your business – clients can’t buy what they can’t see!

A-frame signs are the perfect way to direct traffic to a booth or display in crowded environments such as a trade show or farmer’s market.

Furthermore, what better way to use unsightly sidewalk space then to put an eye-catching sign with your logo on it! Passersby will be sure to notice your establishment over neighboring competition. Plus, if you own a restaurant or café, advertising the mouth-watering options you offer will be sure to fill up your dining room in no time!

Another reason these signs are so effective is because of their portability. Take advantage of its mobility and experiment with its positioning to attract the greatest attention from both foot traffic and commuters.

Washington Graphics LLC has the capabilities to customize your A-board to meet your business’s needs. We can provide lightweight plastic boards, premium boards made of plywood, or even ones with a chalkboard section in the middle for writing specials, prices, etc. If wind is a factor, Washington Graphics can provide weighted boards with wheels, offering both portability and stability at the same time.

Whether you prefer bright graphics, simple lettering, or even a brochure pocket to offer your customers additional information, we would love to help you take your marketing to a new level!

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